7 main trends in the field of beauty 

From naturalness to plastic surgery, we understand that now is at the peak of popularity.
Every day we think about our beauty and youth more and more. This is due not to the fact that we gradually grow up and grow old, but to the fact that millions of selfies, live programs on social networks force us to look perfect always and everywhere. But how to match this and what beauty trends to follow? Says plastic surgeon.
Thanks to nature
The first beauty trend that you want to focus on is naturalness. A few years ago, bulk breasts and swollen lips began to gradually lose ground and go out of fashion. Today, they are being cheerfully replaced by natural sizes and naturalness. No need to hide that now most girls want the efforts of plastic surgeons to go unnoticed. More and more from the stars of show business (and not only!) You can hear: “These are natural forms.” In addition, for example, an excessively large chest makes it difficult to exercise comfortably. And since the modern world is focused on sport and health (another trend), this can be a big problem for the owner of magnificent forms. Breast surgery is still very popular, but now it’s not the volumes that are important for the client, but elegant natural forms.
If a few years ago a girl came to the clinic with a photo of Angelina Jolie and declared that she wanted to be like her, today the approach has changed. Everyone wants to be an improved version of themselves, look like through the filters of their favorite applications. This is neither good nor bad. This is just a trend.
Forewarned is forearmed
In 2019, procedures are most likely to be popular, aimed not at correcting, but at preventing flaws. Younger and younger girls are increasingly turning to clinics for prevention and not for treatment. Many come to the consultation – to consult when it is better to do, for example, liposuction: before or after childbirth? This is a big plus: sometimes the problem is better to prevent than to cure. However, you shouldn’t go to extremes and make an appointment with a plastic surgeon from school age. Everything is good in moderation.
Give way to the road!
For many years, it was believed that only women resorted to plastic surgery. However, in 2019, we can safely put this hypothesis into question. According to statistics, the annual number of men seeking help from a plastic surgeon is only increasing. Of course, trends in popular procedures for men are very different from women’s. For example, most men want to change their lower jaw and chin. Many of them are struggling with the problem of sagging neck and facial contours. So now completely exclude men from users of the services of plastic surgeons does not exactly follow.
All the classics
Rhinoplasty, blepharoplasty, liposuction and mammoplasty in 2019 are still the most popular operations. Rhinoplasty, according to statistics, is mostly chosen in the southern regions. The only request remains: “So as in the Instagram, naturally and carefully.” Blepharoplasty was previously chosen by women aged 35–40 years. To date, trends have changed a bit. Now blepharoplasty is one of the most popular operations in Asian countries. The fact is that today the Europeanization of the face is firmly in fashion. And blepharoplasty refers to operations that do an excellent job with such a task. Liposuction in 2019 is increasingly being used not just to create volume, but rather to contour the body. Everything is clear with mammoplasty: the more natural the new breast is, the more it will attract attention and views.
In the ranks – novices!
Along with the classic operations, small specific procedures are included in the fashion. Many eliminate the “mistakes of youth” with the help of fillers, using the latter is not quite standard. For example, to remove traces from huge piercings, some use fillers to correct earlobes. Another operation, gradually gaining momentum, is to reduce the distance between the upper lip and the nose. Thanks to this operation, not only the appearance is transformed, but also the need to additionally increase the lips.
Old age to joy?
In 2019, the fashion for a dignified aging is still preserved. If before the ladies with the appearance of the first hints of wrinkles fell into a panic, now the reaction is much simpler. Women over 30 are increasingly choosing a procedure such as facelift. This procedure helps not only to contour the contour of the face, but also to prevent soft tissue ptosis.
Do not forget about me!
In the modern world, people care not only about the face, but also about the body. Many believe that in order for photos in a bathing suit to gain a lot of likes, you need a perfect body. Of course, nobody canceled Photoshop. However, in 2019 girls were not enough to be perfect only in the online space. Many go to the gym or go on long-term diets. However, some such methods are not quite suitable. More impatient people usually choose plastic surgery. After all, after liposuction, the opportunity to enjoy a new body comes after a few weeks. The main thing – do not rush when choosing a clinic and a plastic surgeon.
Trends change often, but always after deciding to make a popular operation, you need to attend to the next question. The most important thing in any plastic surgery is the choice of a qualified specialist and a specialized clinic. Only in this case, all changes, regardless of trends, will definitely benefit you.

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