7 major mistakes in wearing skirts 

Skirts help girls to look sophisticated and elegant. But some ladies make mistakes every day when choosing clothes that are unforgivable.
Skirt length

Fashion for the length of the skirts is constantly changing. It is difficult to keep track of, but there is a certain rule that remains relevant for years. Girls of short stature should wear skirts above the knee. This technique will visually lengthen the legs and make them slimmer.
Substandard materials

Cheap fabrics rarely look good. They only emphasize the shortcomings of women.
When buying a skirt, pay attention to its quality. Take models made of dense material. They will visually adjust the shape and will look more expensive.
Poorly selected style

Many women buy skirts, following the latest fashionable bows. In this case, the ladies do not take into account the peculiarity of their silhouette.
Before you buy a skirt, you need to realistically assess the advantages and disadvantages of your figure. If your buttocks are strongly pronounced, pay attention to trapezoidal styles, “sun” patterns or A-line skirts.
Unsuitable underwear

One of the most common mistakes that women make when wearing a skirt is incorrectly chosen underwear.
Panties with elastic bands ugly stand out from under the clothes and attract superfluous looks. Colored underwear also shines through the transparent fabric.
Prefer a skinny seamless panties with which you definitely will not make a mistake.
Wrong combination

There are simple rules in fashion that have evolved over the years. Stylists are advised to wear mini skirts with closed sweaters or blouses. Tight-fitting skirt will look better with a loose sweater, and fluffy – with a simplified riding.
Poorly matched shoes

To skirt looked great, you need to choose the right shoes. You can use the rule: the longer the skirt, the higher should be the heel. It is better to combine short skirts with shoes on a flat sole.
Skirt that does not fit

Clothes should always be selected depending on where you plan to go in it. Midi or maxi length skirt is suitable for working in an office space. At a youth party, you can allow yourself to wear a mini-skirt or bright clothes that attract attention.

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