7 men a week: why so much

How to get acquainted with a large number of men, and most importantly, which is washed away in this, our expert will tell.
Where to put them all then? And how to make time for everyone?
Perhaps these and similar questions arise in your mind while reading the headline.
And what do you say to the fact that this is just the starting number? What for a better choice of the best man you should replenish your social circle with 20-30 new acquaintances per month?
No, we do not collect a harem for you. And certainly – not a collection of conquered male hearts on the shelf. In this article I will tell you about why it is so important to have a wide choice of candidates for husbands, as well as how to make this choice.
If a man is not yours, marriage is like a painful experience.
As often happens: met, liked each other and let’s meet. This is akin to the fact that you go to buy a dress in a store where there are no other dresses besides him. On a mannequin, it looks amazing, cut and style those that you need. And you confidently take it, having estimated on an eye, what is it your size. But when you come home, you realize that not one accessory is in harmony with it, and it doesn’t look at you at all like on that plastic doll with an unrealistically perfect figure. As a result, useless buying for years annoying glance in the closet, but for you there is no other way out how to go and buy something new.
It’s normal that at shopping we go to where there is a wide range and a wide selection. Why, then, in one of the most important spheres of life — relationships — often we blindly grab what we come across in the hope that this is He? More than 60% of women make mistakes when choosing their men, relying on only one “horse”. But the logic is simple: the more bets you make, the higher the chances of winning the jackpot. Therefore, meet, meet, compare and analyze. So it will be more likely to meet a man who meets all your criteria and is in tune with your body and soul.
Of course, a couple of dates may not reveal the desired qualities. Set a time limit for, say, 3 months (as large corporations do when hiring employees). Usually during this period of communication with several men you can make a choice. And if you have only one man, then you can pour half his life into him and end up with nothing – provided that he is not yours.
I am often asked a question: is it necessary to inform a man that you are in the process of choosing. In general, it’s not worth talking about it in person, and how do you imagine it? Like, while I’m talking with you here, then with that, with this, and if you come, will I return to you? As in the market: we still go through, and if that comes to you.
However, if a man somehow finds this out, you do not need to feel guilty or assume that you are deceiving him. Tell him simply: I want to make my own person happy. We do not need each other if we do not harmonize. Why should I and you lose precious time? As a rule, in men, all questions disappear after such a phrase, because they also want it. That is, this is the moment when a man and a woman have the same values.
Quantity and quality
So, you realized that the gentlemen should be as much as possible. But where to get them and how to attract? A popular female mistake is to use the wrong dating format. Because if you want to once and for all, then banal frivolous acquaintances with an emphasis only on the number here will not work.
In order to attract decent successful men, rather than weak gigolos with low vibrations, there are several secrets. I hasten to share them:
1. Undress … and change into the image of a woman wife
Meet, as usual, on clothes. And men are even more so. Therefore, your task is to attract with its elegant and pleasant appearance. A man must understand from the “first notes” that you are a valuable trophy, and in order to get you, you must puff. Here is what is important to remember at this level:
Underline, not tight. Choose clothes that will focus on your strengths, letting a man’s fantasy work and finish painting your look. In the race for attention, women tend to stand out bright sexy outfits and a minimum of clothing. It looks cheap, and men often peck on easy prey. However, the quality of these men (as well as the outcome of dating later) leaves much to be desired.
Sim-sim open, sim-sim close. An interesting way to choose outfit: a cocktail of modesty and sensuality. For example, you may have open shoulders or a deep cleavage, but the skirt will hide your legs to the heels. Or vice versa. Leave a secret and a riddle for a man, and he will certainly want to unravel you.
Nice colors and decent styles. Refrain from screaming colors, girly teenage looks, and certainly from the total phlegmatic black wardrobe. You want to keep a man’s gaze, and not tire him or pity him to tears!
Grooming Do not regret investing in your tidiness, prettiness – and this applies not only to your wardrobe, but also to your appearance as a whole. The poor condition of hair, skin, teeth, nails will overshadow the best outfits and spoil the impression of the owner at a glance. And no one will be interested in her rich inner world, if she externally exudes untidiness even in small detail.
2. Use body language and expression
Remember Bagira from a cartoon – remember and learn. This is a “living” model of grace, plasticity, and subtle emotional interweaving. If verbal communication can satiate a man, then everything is permissible for body language. The main thing is that he does not stumble and do not betray about you too much, like a blatant shameless parrot in anecdotes.
Move often in front of the mirror, talk to yourself in different tones, watch how your body, voice and facial expressions convey your emotions. Fix what is unpleasant and forbid yourself to repeat it. And profitable – practice and train muscle memory. And if we are talking about emotions, then enjoy the abundance of their expression: easily and expertly switch from one to another in the society of a man, not hanging on in one like a doll.
3. We communicate deliciously
Compliments, interesting questions, exciting and entertaining topics for conversation – communication arsenal is truly rich. It is skillful communication that can keep a man and his interest throughout his life! And you can learn this only in practice. Therefore, do not dismiss any opportunity to have a word with a man, give him praise and even enter into a witty argument. However, do not try to jump higher than men in communication: keep a balance, when you are an expert in one topic, then give him leadership in another.
I want to say a little about communication on a date. Try not to load a man with information about yourself, turning the dialogue into a monologue. At the same time you shouldn’t nod your head like a funny dog ​​on a car panel, looking into your mouth and agreeing with everything. Let your conversation be like a dance in which a man leads, and you are graceful, a little step after a short step follows him. And it is better if you finish the date (after about 2.5 hours, not more).
4. The format of dating
I call them entry points to communication. Looking ahead, I will say that even if the dating initiative comes from a man, only the woman who is responsible for dating and its outcome is. After all, if she is interested in meeting, she should contribute as much as possible to this. So, 4 entry points:
The man himself began to meet (the best format)
Man provoked acquaintance
You took the initiative
You provoked acquaintance
Someone will say: it is useless for a woman to meet first, they say, this is a man’s lot. Do not be afraid to take the initiative, but if you have already shown, do not forget to return it later! Get rid of the fear of speaking and responding to a man, risking appearing ridiculous. Otherwise, your apparent closeness will whisper to him that you may be busy, or do not want to communicate with him. Excessive modesty works in the same way – it closes the door in front of a man. He reads according to your mood that you are not yet ready for an acquaintance, and leaves.
As the house needs to be kept clean, because you do not know who will knock on it, so you need to be ready to get acquainted always and everywhere – in any places. Do not get lost in search of a decent answer, especially when men provoke acquaintance. Let silence be gold, but in this case, the easy and sure answer is a diamond!
Networking: Habitats of Successful Men
Of course, the limitless possibilities and the maximum number of potential suitors you will find online. Especially if you live in a small town, if on duty you are surrounded by women, or when you have little time for live meetings. And with a huge network potential in the field of dating, the competition there is much higher than in real life.
And if you decide to look for a husband on the Internet, position yourself on the status segment. The only question is how much you yourself will be able to interest such an audience. For this it is important to pay attention to some points:
Perfect photos without photoshop bloom, interesting angles, advantageous static positions – all this should raise you in the TOP dating site and encourage men to write messages.
Premium video presentations are an effective feature and a sure plus to the profile. They will help a man to feel those your faces that can not transfer photos. But here is the subtlety: think carefully about the text, background, wardrobe and presentation. The devil is in the details.
Attractive questionnaire – unobtrusively show your strengths to a man, work through every word and paragraph.
My personal advice: do not immediately send “to the garden” of those who do not like or without a photo. Yes, sometimes fraudsters, married men and other inappropriate elements are found on the sites. But it should be noted that sometimes successful men simply do not have much time to work out their profiles, and one of these mysterious strangers may well be the best, most beloved and worthy!
Schedule dating and meetings – easy!
It may sound funny, but if you follow all the above points, your time will have to be scheduled for meetings and dates. And this is great! After all, your work and efforts will certainly return a hundredfold: one day, from a multitude of applicants for your hand and heart, there will be someone who wants to love you, take care and see your girlfriend for the rest of your life. I, Julia Lanske, sincerely wish you this and will be happy to help bring this wonderful day closer!

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