7 pharmacy beauty products that work 

Sometimes you do not need to spend half the salary on a new cream or hair mask, you just have to go to the pharmacy.
The beauty industry is developing more and more every day and offers new tools that promise almost eternal youth, but most of them are very expensive and not always so effective. All funds have analogues, and it is not always possible to find them on the shelves of cosmetic stores. Sometimes what you need for the beauty of your skin and hair can be found in the pharmacy.
In the beauty market, there is a huge amount of facial cleansing masks that not only cope with pollution, but also tighten pores, as well as normalize the sebaceous glands. However, as part of most fashionable masks there is clay, which in the pharmacy costs about 50 rubles. It is very simple to use it at home: we take two tablespoons of clay and dilute with clean warm water – that’s it! Besides the fact that such a mask has a rejuvenating effect.
Salicylic acid
In the fight against acne, girls use a lot of cosmetics that do not always work. Experts advise to apply point salicylic acid, which has antibacterial and anti-inflammatory effects.
Many people use this remedy for burns or cuts. However, some women use panthenol as a moisturizer that saves even the driest skin. However, it is often impossible to use this product, as it clogs the pores (especially if you are the owner of oily skin) and can cause acne.
Lactic acid
To exfoliate dead skin cells, you must use a scrub twice a week or do a home peeling of lactic acid, which will not only cleanse the skin, but also rejuvenate it. In order to make a peeling, it is necessary to dilute lactic acid with water, and then apply on the face starting from the forehead, temples, cheeks, chin and ending with the nose and area around the eyes.
Burr oil
When your hair is thinning, falling out and splitting, you probably go to the store and buy a mask that will strengthen the curls. But if you want to save money, you can purchase a burdock oil proven by our mothers and grandmothers. Due to the fact that the composition of this tool vitamins A, E, C, B, as well as iron, zinc, chromium and copper, the hair is quickly restored and looks healthy. The fact is that when using burdock oil curls are covered with a very thin protective film that protects them from damage.
You can use burdock oil not only at the tips, but also at the roots and at full length. To make the product more effective, it should be slightly heated and applied to the hair, for best results, wrap the strands in a warm towel and hold for 20 minutes.
Licorice Extract
This sweet syrup is known for its healing properties for sore throat. But in folk medicine, women use it to combat pigment spots, freckles and rashes on the face. And for these purposes, you can use both a ready-made infusion, which is sold in a pharmacy, and you can do it yourself – you need to pour one tablespoon of dried licorice root with boiling water and infuse. Wash your face twice a day with a decoction.
This tool allows you to completely get rid of acne and acne marks. You need to use it as a mask: take the badyagi powder and dilute it with water. Apply the mask on wet skin and wait until it dries, then rinse. It happens that after the badyagi there are reddening of the face, but this will all pass within 20 minutes, and the skin will be perfect.

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