8 causes of wrinkles around the mouth 

Early wrinkles in the area around the lips – not the most pleasant phenomenon. All because of routine habits, about the dangers of which you can not even guess. The abuse of straws, folding duck lips, smoking and prolonged exposure to the sun can have fatal consequences for the beauty of your skin. Details – in the new material!
Frequent use of drink tubing
Today, many girls use straws. It is understandable: thanks to this simple thing, lipstick remains on the lips and does not leave any hateful marks on the glasses and necks of the bottles. However, no matter how good the tubes were, they should be abandoned for several reasons. Not only that the plastic from which most straws are made harms the environment, their use is fraught with nasolabial folds. Sipping a drink from the tube, the girls wrinkle their lips and provoke the appearance of purse-string wrinkles.
“Duck lips”
The so-called “duck lips” as a selfie-trend, it would be time to sink into oblivion. It is not only ugly and unnatural, but also harmful to the beauty of your skin. Doctors advise to avoid this action: wrinkling and puffing out lips, girls stretch their skin and, without knowing it, create a beneficial mail for deep wrinkles.
Regular drinking is also considered an important rule, since water affects the state of cells and internal tissues. It is necessary to avoid dehydration, so that the lips do not become dry and wrinkled, do not crack and peel – the ingress of harmful bacteria will not lead to anything good.
Scorching sun
The causes of wrinkles in the area around the lips also include exposure to sunlight. Lips, as well as any other part of the body, can get sunburn, and therefore they need to be protected from the scorching rays with the help of balms and lipsticks with an SPF-factor. In addition, a long stay in the sun can cause herpes, which in turn will lead to the formation of scars
There is no need to talk about the dangers of smoking – perhaps everyone knows about it. However, not everyone is aware that this habit has negative consequences for the skin. Repeated puff movements and cigarette substances contribute to the formation of wrinkles and premature aging.
Biting lips
Biting the lips is another bad habit that is caused by stress or boredom and can lead to the appearance of wrinkles. Biting her lips, the girls stretch their skin, the dermis becomes inflamed, it becomes more vulnerable. If cracked skin does not give rest, use a scrub to get rid of dead skin particles, and then apply a moisturizing balm. So you will save yourself from the painful sensations and preserve the beauty of the lips and the area around them.
It’s no secret that a wide smile entails the appearance of wrinkles. Of course, it would be foolish to forbid girls to smile. Understanding this, doctors advise not to limit themselves in emotions, but from time to time to do exercises for the face, as well as to resort to self-massage while washing and applying creams.
Last but not least, the cause of wrinkles around the lips is the habit of whistling. And it’s not a bad sign at all, but a fixed movement of the lips, which adversely affects the skin, as well as smoking and sipping a cocktail through a straw.

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