8 unclear reasons why you dream of being a former

Even in ancient times, people attached great importance to dreams, believing that in this way the Universe wants to say something important. They believed that everything you dream about matters and if you know how to interpret this information, you can save yourself (and even your loved ones) from failure, make the right decision that will change your life for the better, and so on.
Experts confirm that dreams are a reflection of your thoughts and feelings, so do not ignore them. About what to do if the former snuck into your world of Morpheus and how does this reflect the current state of affairs in reality – in the material Passion.ru.
He is not alone, but with his mother, aunt, grandmother …
“Well, only his mothers didn’t have enough of him here,” in despair you might think, remembering how a former (or even potential) relative did not allow you to enter and reproached her son for being completely dissolved next to you. Therefore, to see the relatives of your ex in a dream does not seem to bode well for you in real life. However, in fact, everything is not as scary as you think. It is believed that if you had a dream about your ex-lover surrounded by his closest people, then in the near future you will have a fateful meeting, a dizzying romance and, as a result, a strong and happy marriage.
He asks for forgiveness
Perhaps this is the dream of many offended women – to see how the cavalier, who had betrayed them, is kneeling and asking for a guilty look back. Of course, more than half of the ladies will proudly turn around and leave the hapless ex-boyfriend alone, but there are those who secretly dream of forgiving the wrong person, if, of course, he gives them such a chance. Situations, of course, are different and forgiving or not – it’s up to you. As for dreams, to see (albeit in a dream) apologies of the former means that you have not fully experienced what happened and are not ready to let go of the person for now. Therefore, new relationships you do not add up – you still live memories and in vain waste time on someone who may have long forgotten about you. Stop living in the past, forget the insults and let yourself fall in love again.
He is ready for rapid reconciliation
To make love to the former – we are sure that many ladies had such dreams, who had to endure a difficult parting. An erotic dream with the participation of someone you recently shared a bed with, but for some reason you broke up, according to experts, it means that you let go of the situation, accepted the fact that each of you will now go his own way and keep only pleasant memories of a man. It means that soon there will be positive changes in your life. Perhaps you will finally meet someone who is destined for you. But on the other hand, in the new relationship you will not have everything smoothly, you expect a quarrel, a passionate reconciliation and a test of strength.
He is giving you a present.
If, in a dream, your former lover presents you with a gift (not necessarily something luxurious, it may just be a nice bauble), then do not be in a hurry to rejoice. This does not mean that in real life he realized his mistakes, he is ready to correct himself and wants to start all over again (although, they agree, it sounds very tempting). It is believed that such dreams warn you that in your new relationship betrayal, deception and betrayal are not excluded. Though your new partner will go to the left, he will not allow such liberty on your part.
He tolerates your assault
If you broke up not on a good note and you still want to somehow ruin the life of your previous cavalier (and at the same time hit him well to understand that he was wrong), this means that the time has come for decisive actions and you need to put the final point in your relationship. Even if it seems to you that everything is already finished there, the subconscious mind cannot be fooled – you still think about the person and hope to resume your meetings sooner or later. Alas, it will not lead to anything good. So that you can establish your personal life as soon as possible and meet your true love, you need to get rid of the burden of negative memories and experiences. Let it all remain in the past and not prevent you from seeking your happiness.
He was your first (in all senses)
First love is not forgotten and it is a fact. If you saw in that dream that timid young man who tried to care for you many, many years ago, then this may mean that the Universe gently hints at you about the need to “get back into operation”. Change your image, sign up for some courses, make your cherished dream in the end. And do not deny yourself the pleasure of going on dates again. Remember that as long as you do nothing, nothing good will happen in your life. Become a little more active and then you will see how many worthy gentlemen are spinning around you in the hope that you will reciprocate them. In addition, according to specialists, a dream involving your past love can signal that in the near future you will be in trouble with your finances, moving to another city (or even a country), or illness of your loved ones.
He looks dejected and depressed.
Rescuing a person in a dream (and one’s own ex-boyfriend as well) may mean that the Universe hints at you not to lose that invaluable experience and knowledge that you possess. Do not despair and do not put an end to yourself (your talents and career), and learn to live on. Yes, at first you will still be drawn to the person, but do not let the memories erase the good that you can have in the present. Try to use your skills for the benefit of humanity, and you will see that soon fate will send you a new love and affection.
In addition, it is believed that to see in the dream of the former, who went over a little with strong drinks, means that in reality he also needs help and support from loved ones. Even though you don’t consider yourself a close person for him, try to ask (for example, through mutual friends) what is happening to him and, if possible, lend him a helping hand. The universe does not just give such signs, so do not ignore them.
He betrays you again or goes to the registrar with another
If it is with enviable regularity that you dream that you are trying again and again to return your former lover, but you receive a categorical refusal, then this may not only mean something terrible. We agree that to be rejected (once again) even in a dream is not very pleasant and emotionally difficult, but experts say that such dreams can promise good luck and success in business. If at the same time you were still loudly cursing and insulting each other, then perhaps behind your back someone dissolves gossip about you. In addition, it may mean that your mind is ready to finally let go of past attachments and switch to someone else. This may be the beginning of a new stage in your life. Perhaps you will meet a new love even earlier than planned and this time, you can be sure that everything will turn out well for you.
If, in a dream, your ex is married to another woman, then this means that your resentment and disappointment are in the past, you have forgiven the person and only wish him happiness. You will not take revenge on the offender, and focus on finding someone with whom you will be easy and comfortable.

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