91-year-old model showed a figure in the neckline and mini 

No wonder Helen Ruth van Vinkle called the star of social networks.
If it seems to you that after 50 years it is already indecent to wear bold outfits and make bright make-up, then look at one of the most famous Insta-grandmothers in the world. “I never felt as good as my 91,” signed Helen Ruth van Winkle under a new picture, where she poses in an orange-colored dress with an extreme neckline. By the way, this brand of clothes is much loved by much younger stars. For example, Anastasia Kvitko  – Russian Kardashian.

Helen, known on the Internet as baddiewinkle, started a blog just a few years ago, thanks to her great-granddaughter, who showed her what social networks are. By the way, she made her first photo for Twitter in the dress of her great-granddaughter.
In three years, Buddy’s number of subscribers has exceeded three million, and continues to grow with each passing day.
“I love to have fun, but I never thought that posting my photos on the Internet would be so much fun,” said Helen in an interview with English-language media.
Van Vinkle shoots the followers with bold outfits, pin-up style, linen dresses and torn jeans. And her multicolored make-up became so popular that cosmetic brands began to offer her collaborations in vain.
Now Helene is the most welcome guest of fashion parties. She even participated in the MTV festival. And among its subscribers are a lot of young people who admire a cheerful retired woman. Yes, and how not to admire such! Van Winkle even in the most extravagant images does not look ridiculous. And each post proves that real youth is not the absence of wrinkles, but a state of mind.

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