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A couple of three months glued $ 21,000 sliced ​​by father 

Spouses from the Chinese province of Liaoning had to collect together notes in the amount of 140,000 yuan ($ 21,300), crushed by the 85-year-old father of her husband.
According to a man named Chen, his father sold the house for 200,000 yuan ($ 30,400). And then, full of paranoia that the son and daughter-in-law will take the money, the old man cut three-quarters of this amount into small pieces.
Fortunately, Chen’s father left intact 60,000 yuan ($ 9,100).
Such an unexpected reaction of the father to the offer to put money in a bank account forced the spouses to work hard to glue more than a thousand banknotes. The tedious process of daily 17-hour work lasted 3 months.
After that, the couple managed to exchange banknotes for new ones and put all 200,000 yuan in the bank just in case.

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