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A rare disease made the girl hide from the sun

In Norfolk County, England, a girl was born without an iris and forced to wear sunglasses daily. Reports the edition about it the Daily Mail.
Two-year-old Rhiannon Kay (Rhiannon Kay) suffers from a rare congenital disease aniridia, which is accompanied by photophobia. Due to the lack of an iris, her eyes cannot control the intensity of the incoming light. Parents carefully watch that blinds are lowered in the house during the daytime. Going outside, the girl at any time year wears a hat and sunglasses.
With age, young Kay developed a nystagmus (involuntary repetitive high-frequency eye movements – Lent.ru comment) and cataracts. Everything else, the girl has myopia. Doctors say that aniridia can trigger kidney cancer. “It is terrible to assume that your child may get cancer,” admitted the 36-year-old mother of the girl Teresa Kay.
“However, she has such a sharp ear. She can hear how the car stopped at our house, although I don’t hear it, ”said Teresa.
Aniridia is found in only one of 75,000 children worldwide. The disease is accompanied by marked decrease in visual acuity, photophobia, horizontal nystagmus and sometimes congenital glaucoma.
In April, a resident of the British city of Kingston Shpon-Hull was reported, who had avoided sunlight all his life because of a rare hereditary disease. At 18 months, Joshua Barnfather discovered a pigmented xeroderma, a mutation that increases sensitivity to ultraviolet radiation.

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