A woman found in the garden “damned” item 

A woman discovered a strange object in the yard of the old house she had recently bought and decided that he was cursed. This is the portal Daily Mirror.
The incident occurred in the Australian city of Brisbane. A certain Kerry Moran, after moving, dug up a heavy ball in the courtyard with a decorative figure of a coffin on the side. Deciding that the thing is cursed, she published her photo on social networks and said that her daughter called it a dark artifact. In the comments she was advised to burn the figure and call the exorcist. Someone said that the ashes of an animal or human can be stored in a ball. She was advised to bury the find.
After listening to the advice on the web, Moran burned sage in the house to exorcise evil spirits, and poured vinegar over the ground in the yard to protect him from curse. Only after that the Australian contacted the old mistress of the house. The previous owner said that several years ago her son brought this strange sculpture from school, which he himself had made in class. Mother left the thing in the yard, where Moran found it.

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