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A woman has a worm in her leg 

Nurul Ezzatul Akma posted a photo and told in her social networks that she found suspicious wrinkles on her leg, after having rested with her family on the beach.
The woman discussed this with her masseuse, who suggested that she had problems with nerve endings. However, Akma then posted a snapshot on the Web, where she was told that it was possible that a worm was wound up in her leg.
Doctors confirmed the fears of a frightened woman, finding out that she has an ankylostoma – a parasitic worm that lives in a moist environment polluted by feces. According to experts, the worm hit the leg while a woman was walking barefoot on the beach.
Doctors prescribed pills for the woman to destroy the parasite. And only on the third day after their reception, Akma stopped feeling unpleasant movements in her leg.

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