Actress Marina Yakovleva told about cheating husbands 

Soviet and Russian actress Marina Yakovleva frankly told the details of her personal life in the program “Fate of a Man” on the TV channel “Russia 1”. She was married twice, and both spouses cheated on her. The actress could not forgive the betrayal, her marriage ended in divorce.
For the first time Marina Yakovleva married a famous actor and director Andrei Rostotsky . Then she was a naive girl in love, and he is already a star. Women literally hung the actor around his neck, and he could not refuse them. Marina Yakovleva was very worried about her husband’s betrayal, but she thought that he would walk up and become a faithful husband. But later, the actor simply went to her friend, with whom she shared her experiences.
– A year after marriage, I was very happy. But he was on the set all the time, me too. Then glory came to Andrei, all women were in love with him. His passions came to our house. I could not survive it, it is impossible. I shared my feelings with my neighbor Mariana, she advised me to agree to a divorce with my husband as soon as he started talking about it. I did just that, and later Andrey began to live with Mariana, ”said Marina Yakovleva.
The actress was very worried about the divorce from Andrei Rostotsky. Only six years later, she was able to love again. Her actor was the actor Valery Storozhik . They got married, and soon Marina Yakovlev gave birth to two sons – Fedor and Ivan. But this marriage broke up, too, because of adultery.
– I again stepped on the same pitchfork and rake. The husband began to change, he was also aggressive. I fed the family, he worked in the theater, and there was little money. We parted, – the actress told.
Marina Yakovleva alone raised children. The former husband of actress Valery Storozhik still does not communicate with his sons.

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