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Alligator crawled on a picnic and ate the whole sausage 

In the American city of Gainesville, Florida, an alligator crawled on a picnic and ate all the treats. Reported by the Associated Press.
According to the agency, Taylor Forte (Taylor Forte) arranged on the shores of Lake Alice farewell picnic for the groom, who went into military service. Suddenly, an alligator climbed out of the pond and headed for the food they had laid out on a plaid spread on the ground.
The couple managed to run aside and watched the reptile eating food from a safe distance. The alligator began with a piece of cheese, then swallowed salami sausage, half a watermelon, and almost a half-kilogram of grapes. After that, he switched to guacamole and first used the contents of a large bowl, and then the bowl itself. This, according to Forte, was the worst of all.
The groom tried to get rid of the alligator. He put his hands apart to appear larger, and began to make loud noises. As a result, the reptile stopped eating and crawled into the lake.
In Florida, common Mississippi alligators grow on average up to 3.4 meters in length and weigh up to 200 kilograms. In May, they begin the mating season, which lasts until June. During this period, they are more active and more often caught by people.
On June 3, it was reported that a three-meter alligator climbed into a residential building in the US city of Clearwater, Florida. The reptile knocked out the glass in the kitchen window, located at ground level, and penetrated inside. Before he was noticed, the animal managed to overturn the table and chairs.

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