Always positive: 7 secrets of good mood

To be always in high spirits, to smile incessantly, to be kind, to find strength in ourselves for work and various household chores, not to forget about ourselves – this is all that few of us manage to do. And as we would like! There are women who are always in great spirits. How do they do it?
Waking up in the morning, the first thing you need to thank the universe for all that you have in this world. Even for something that does not like, or causes discomfort. This beginning of the day allows you to appreciate life, and everything that happens in it. After spending a little time alone in the morning, you can devote a whole day to work, care and various things that require your attention and concentration. Yes, and do not forget in the morning, smile at your reflection in the mirror, so you smile at the universe, which will surely smile back at you.
Daily morning 30-minute exercise helps not only to keep in good shape. Exercise in the form of simple exercises allows you to get rid of excess energy, positively affecting the blood circulation. All this directly affects our condition, including mood. After short exercises, it improves, there is a desire to create.
Minor troubles
In order not to lose the accumulated positive energy in the morning, you should not take to heart various minor troubles from the category of a rude driver on the road, a spilled cup of coffee, or even a manager who screamed for being late. All this is momentary, and should not be postponed for the whole day, and even more so for a long time. You need to tune in to your positive wave, and try to stick to it.
Light is very important for a good mood, be it lighting or daylight, penetrating through the windows. It is important that the room where you have to spend a lot of time was as light as possible. And then, no matter what the weather is outside, the sun is shining or it is raining, its influence on our internal state will be minimal.
The correct sleep mode, without which there is no good mood. Falling asleep after midnight, and quite in good spirits, does not mean at all that the mood in the morning will be the same. Most likely, irritability, lack of composure, absent-mindedness will appear, which cannot influence the mood in a positive way. Therefore, do not forget to ensure that daily sleep was at least 7 hours a day.
It is proven by time that pets are the most devoted creatures in the world. And if you spend a little time with them playing and hugging them, the mood rises in a matter of seconds. From their presence, any space is filled with kindness and joy.
Studies show that through daily meditation, it is possible to drastically reduce stress and raise mood after just one week of regular exercise. Finding time to focus on your thoughts, clear your mind of unnecessary worries, distract yourself and adjust the emotional and physical balance of your body is vital.

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