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Artificial Intelligence has identified Beatles songwriters

Scientists from  Harvard and Canadian University Dalhousie developed a mathematical algorithm that is able to determine with a high degree of probability which of the Beatles members wrote one or another song of the band. The results of the three-year work publishes the Financial Times. It is noted that most of the hits of the group, including “Yesterday”, “Let It Be” and “Come Together”, were signed simultaneously by John Lennon and  Paul McCartney , and in interviews the artists differed in testimony. For decades, fans have been arguing about the real authorship of their favorite songs.
The study used 70 songs written from 1962 to 1966, the authorship of which was unequivocally established. As a result, scientists have identified 137 musical patterns with unique melodic patterns, chord sequences, etc. After the algorithm learned to determine the authorship of these 70 songs with an accuracy of up to 76%, other compositions were used.
According to the results of the test, the music for the songs “Ask Me Why”, “Do You Want to Know a Secret” and the loss to “A Hard Day” s Night “with probability above 90% was written by Lennon, and the loss in the song“ In My Life ” McCartney created with a 57% chance. Scientists expressed the hope that the program would be useful for specialists in the history of music.

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