As a miniature girl choose an evening dress

About prints, length and major mistakes will tell Ksenia Dubovitskaya, which a small increase did not prevent to become a model of the international level
When choosing a dress to go out, first of all, you need to rely on your taste. I can advise models that emphasize your strengths and, perhaps, hide the flaws.
For girls of short stature, it is better to opt for dresses with V– and U-shaped notches, they visually stretch their necks.
I can advise two extremes. Or dress to the floor, or mini. You will look much higher if you wear shoes with heels under a long dress, I advise you to try on such an outfit immediately with shoes. A short one, on the contrary, will emphasize legs, which in a duet with heels will make you the queen of the evening.
Decorative items
Be sure when choosing a dress accent attention on the vertical lines. Vertical striped dresses, zippers and embroidery will stretch your silhouette and also make you slimmer.
Choose dresses with small patterns and avoid large prints – this kind of image will create a sense of disproportion.
When choosing an evening dress, pay attention to the lighter fabric. Well, if this is a long dress, emphasize your femininity and lightness.
Evening out – almost always heels. I boldly give my vote for the shoes – firstly, it is an indispensable classic, and secondly, they make legs look slimmer, adding to the image of sexuality.
Mistakes that make low girls, choosing outfit:
1. Compound constructions. Color division into blocks, especially horizontal stripes.
2. Large parts. Compared to large prints, large collars and structured details, you will look even smaller.
3. Dress with low waist. Such a silhouette will make your legs shorter, and you lower than they actually are.
4. Bulky and clumsy bags. A petite girl with such an accessory will look awkward. Evening dress is a great reason to buy a neat clutch or other small handbag.

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