As a Russian policeman after two marriages decided to become a woman 

Alexandra Selyaninova felt out of her body all her life, but for many years she tried to put up with it. She was born a man, married twice, and worked for 16 years in the  Ministry of Internal Affairs , subsequently receiving the rank of captain.
Her last position was notable for its particular severity – Selyaninova was the head of the district police station in  a strict regime colony in the North and worked there for four years.
The first time she married was 20 years old, and this step was a kind of protest against the internal sense of self. It seemed to her that she would be able to live the full life of a man, but at the same time she had no feelings for her spouse.
After many years of denial, Selyaninova realized that it was pointless to fight with her true nature, and in the late 80s she decided to change sex.
Resigning from the Ministry of Internal Affairs in the 1989m, she changed her uniform to a woman’s dress. To see a man in girlish attire for many and now a huge shock, to say nothing about how they looked at her in the USSR.
A few more years passed, and Selyaninova underwent a sex change operation. Yes, not somewhere, but in the All-Union Center of Surgery, where such operations were then performed as an experiment. The former captain of the Ministry of the Interior became a guinea pig, but everything went well.

Now a woman is 67 years old, she lives in a tiny village in the Perm region and is not afraid to tell anyone about her past. Moreover, her pension is quite rich. Thanks to the skills of a lawyer, she often manages to help her fellow villagers to solve legal issues.
In his free time, Alexander writes fantasy novels. Right now, she is working on a book, the main character of which is Chevalier de Yvon, a real-life person who has lived half a life as a man and the other half as a woman.

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