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As air travelers to track down lost baggage 

Certainly, everyone has heard about the recent problems associated with the departure and receipt of baggage at  Sheremetyevo International Airport . According to the press service of the airport, the reason was the delay in flights due to bad weather and the failure of the luggage tape. However, these explanations are unlikely to warm the tourists who were going to comfortably relax on the sea or in Europe, but on arrival did not find their belongings on the baggage tape. This is exactly what happened to the Zolin family, who flew from Samara through Sheremetyevo to Italy on June 28, but were eventually forced to spend almost all of the available currency in local stores – on clothes and basic necessities. Moreover, after returning home, even a week later no one can clearly explain to them where their suitcase is now located. Things just disappeared.
So what to do if the airline or the airport lost your belongings?
First of all, refer to the information desk. The attendant will make an announcement on the speakerphone so that the person who may have taken your luggage will go to the counter. Things forgotten in the terminals or at the station squares are usually rented to the Lost and Found Office (if it was not possible to immediately find the owner). For reference, in the capital Sheremetyevo the lost and found office is located on the 1st floor of Terminal E, phone: +7 (495) 578 74 64. Forgotten things are stored here for free for two days, then 70 rubles / day. To get a forgotten baggage, you must present a passport, proving that you own the baggage, and if necessary, pay for its storage.
Things that have been forgotten on board an aircraft, in a customs control zone or in a baggage claim area fall into unclaimed baggage storage areas. To do this, there is a separate luggage room for items lost on domestic flights (telephone +7 (499) 500 65 52) and for items lost on international flights (+7 (495) 753 86 41). Here unclaimed baggage items are kept for free.
In the event of the absence or damage of your belongings, you need to contact the Lost & Found employee who is in the baggage claim area and immediately report the incident by presenting shipping documents and an identity document. For passengers of Kurumoch airport, by the way, there is a telephone number where you can quickly contact the staff of this service: +7 (846) 966-53-23.
Important! Please keep your flight documents, especially the boarding pass and voucher of the baggage tag.
Remember: according to Art. 118 of the Air Code of the Russian Federation “the carrier is liable for loss, shortage or damage to baggage after they have been accepted for air transportation and before being handed over to the passenger.” Upon the written request of the passenger, the specialist of the baggage tracing group takes the following steps to return your baggage:
sends a baggage request to the airport of departure;
sends requests to airports where the luggage could have been delivered erroneously;
sends a request for delivery of baggage in case of detection.
In accordance with the current legislation of the Russian Federation, baggage tracing is carried out within 21 days. If after this period the baggage is not found, the passenger has the right to apply to the airline for damages caused in connection with the loss of baggage.
In the event of damage to the baggage, the passenger is entitled to receive compensation only for visible damage. There is no compensation for damage to the contents of the baggage.
As an alternative, you can consider baggage insurance. For example, a voluntary passenger insurance policy can be purchased along with a ticket on the website of most airlines and ticketing agencies. A passenger who has such a policy may apply to the insurance company for compensation.

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