As the Minister of Culture of the USSR was associated with a brothel 

In the mid-50s, Georgy Alexandrov was invited to the post of Minister of Culture of the USSR . But the official did not have long to know the cultural life of the Soviet Union.
Not much time had passed since his appointment to the post, when a shocking dirt appeared. It turns out that in the village of Valentinovka, in the dacha of the writer Krivoshein there is an elite brothel. Services are provided not by anyone, but by students of the Schukinsky Theater School, and the regulars of the institution are party and state leaders, including Aleksandrov.
Despite the scandal, the official sources did not mention this story. However, soon the head of the Ministry of Culture was sharply criticized at the All-Russian Conference of Culture Workers . True, they did not say a word about the absence of moral principles, but they accused them of being conservatism and being cut off from Soviet realities. A year after Alexandrov’s appointment, he was removed from his post, but his troubles did not end there either. Among other things, he was sent to Minsk to work at the Institute of Philosophy and Law of the Academy of Sciences of Belarus.
Everything that happened extremely undermined Aleksandrov’s health, and Georgy Fedorovich died a few years later, when he was only 53 years old.

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