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Aston Martin has developed an epic 1000-horsepower atmospheric V12 engine

After a teaser campaign of several months, Aston Martin finally confirmed that he was able to create a natural 6.5-liter naturally-aspirated V12 engine for 1000 horsepower, which will be installed on the Valkyrie model .

The development of a unique power plant Aston Martin was engaged in with the legendary Cosworth company . According to engineers, this motor is “the pinnacle of internal combustion engines.” And it’s hard to argue with that, considering that it produces 153.8 hp. per liter volume. However, there is also the flip side of the coin – only 740 Nm of torque, which is fully explained by the limited capabilities of the aspirated design.

However, this specification is not the end of the story, and apparently, the torque will be raised by installing a hybrid system using lithium-ion batteries and electric motors. The total power of the power plant after hybridization should grow to 1130 hp, but there is no information about the torque yet. It can probably grow to 1000 Nm or more.

In addition, the engine was designed with very stringent requirements. All components have been optimized to achieve minimum unit weight and maximum strength. As a result, the weight of the motor was only 206 kilograms.

Despite the extreme characteristics, Aston Martin claims that they managed to achieve all their goals with respect to the motor’s compliance with modern environmental standards and reliability.

Company CEO Andy Palmer noted that with this Cosworth engine the limits of opportunity were pushed – “this is an extraordinary engine, and I doubt that anyone will ever succeed in surpassing it.”

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