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Australian spent five hours in a room with a python

After a long flight, an Australian resident Sally St. returned home late at night and immediately went to bed. Waking up in the morning from a strange sensation and opening her eyes, the girl for a long time could not understand what was happening. She had to focus her eyes to understand that a huge snake was hanging above her.
“I was in such shock that I simply can’t imagine how I didn’t panic. A huge snake dangled from a lamp, turning its head straight to my face. I slowly slipped out of bed and quickly left the room.
My father was at home, but his reaction could have been much worse than mine. So I poured him tea and calmed him down. And then, as if by chance, she said: “And there is a snake in my room.” It took him about 15 minutes to recover, during this time the snake disappeared somewhere and he thought that I had invented everything. ”
In any case, the girl called the local snake catcher, who found and caught a python. He suggested that the snake could crawl into the house to digest the newly caught prey.
After that incident, the girl immediately changed all the windows in the house to sleep, reported dailymail.

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