Bride ridiculed for detailed instructions to guests 

Facebook users ridiculed instructions for guests of the wedding, which was written by an unknown bride. The Sun’s tabloid drew attention to the large-scale indications of the bride and groom.
A two-page letter addressed to the guests begins with an apology from the bride for not giving anyone details of the event for a long time. According to her, she and the bridegroom do not expect that all guests will be able to attend the celebration.
“The ceremony will be recorded on video on Facebook for viewing during the ceremony or at any time after it,” she said. The woman demanded that all the invited people notify her of their decision: otherwise, she assured, the unexpected guests would be asked to leave the event.
Then the bride explained that she would be dressed in a “pink-colored dress with rose gold details”, imploring the guests not to wear clothes of such colors. She also described the food in detail and asked the guests to come to the wedding fed: “This is a small reception, so there is little food. Please eat something before you arrive, ”she said.
Many commentators were horrified by the instructions of the bride and ridiculed her. They called her letter “stream of consciousness” and clarified that the girl behaves inadequately. “I feel that I deserve an invitation to a wedding, having spent so much time to read this letter,” said one of them.
However, some users have noticed that the woman is clearly very worried about her wedding. “The poor thing is under stress and is a type of person who does not want to cause inconvenience to everyone,” they were touched.

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