British accuse Megan Markl of bad influence on Prince Harry

The British are again unhappy with Megan Markle. This time the royalists blamed her for having a bad effect on her husband: Prince Harry is becoming more and more hollywood. His manners under the influence of his wife became similar to the behavior of American celebrities.
On the one hand, members of the royal family have no less fans and weights than Hollywood celebrities. But the difference is that the artists hide their privacy, and the royals live on the money of citizens and should be open. In any case, conservatives think so.
The birth of the son of Prince Harry was shrouded in mystery, the christening was closed, and before the christening of the children Kate and William were broadcast on TV. The expert on the royal family, Penny Yunor, recalled that Frogmore House was renovated at the expense of budget funds and Megan Markle and her spouse should show more respect for people and more respect for traditions, writes Daily Express. By the way, Megan Markle’s mother was against her daughter’s marriage precisely because she knew that her freedom-loving nature would have a hard time living the protocol. Also, Express-News reported that the Queen of England forbade the ex-actress to take her dogs to Buckingham Palace.
Now the press is wondering how Megan Markle will celebrate his birthday. According to the newspaper The Sun, the 38th birthday of Prince Harry’s wife will be met at Balmoral Castle, this is the residence of the Queen in Scotland.
The initiator of the holiday was Elizabeth II herself . A large royal family will gather in the castle, Elizabeth II will have time to talk with his great-grandson, Express News reports. She ordered confectioners to create a big cake for a birthday girl; with Megan waiting for a surprise. Most likely, the queen will give her jewelry from the royal treasury. The royal expert said that the queen also wants to share her experience with Megan Markle about the press attacks, the queen is worried about what is happening.
By the way, against the background of the scandal with the renovation at Frogmore House, the Dukes of Sussex also want to remake the garden. The administration of the city of Windsor approved the project on reconstruction, but just before the work began, the spouses changed the project and are now waiting for another permit. The public should not know what exactly will be done, as the reconstruction will affect security issues. Also in the garden will be areas for recreation and playing tennis and badminton. Serena Williams has promised that Archie will teach to play as soon as he grows up.

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