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Buttocks on the pavement flooded the city and scared the locals 

Facebook user from the British city of Ramsbottom was puzzled by the appearance of many similar type drawings on the roads. According to the Daily Mirror, she was worried that criminals could use these signs.
The woman published a special post in the group in which local people are members and asked if something was known about these signs and if someone else noticed them. One of the users said that in other city the marks on the asphalt were left by the kidnappers of dogs – so they indicated that a pet lives in the house opposite.
Another user emphasized that he had seen “five or so” of exactly the same marks in another part of Ramsbottom. Not having achieved an accurate and detailed answer, she later wrote that she notified the neighbors and went to the police just in case.
However, a little later, another user explained the appearance of badges from the chalk on the roads – this was the work of her young son.
“My son was given chalk at school, and on the way home he began to draw buttocks every 18 meters. I beg your pardon, ”she wrote.
The woman added that while the child “has not mastered the art of drawing fifth points well enough, but this is a matter of time,” and published several more photos of her son’s work.

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