Castor oil: properties and methods of use 

This oil is a real legend, and even at an affordable price.
Castor oil is an oil derived from castor oil; the plant grows almost all over the globe. The oil is rich in a variety of beneficial acids: oleic, racinoic, linoleic. This product is widely used in cosmetology, medicine, nutrition. You can find it in any pharmacy, and it costs quite a budget oil. Castor transparent, almost odorless, viscous and oily. Oil has a number of beneficial properties for skin and hair:
Moisturizes. Oil penetrates deep into the skin, increases its elasticity. This is an excellent tool for dry hair ends.
Reduces wrinkles. With continued use, the skin becomes smoother, fine facial wrinkles disappear. Suitable means for the area around the eyes.
Whitens. Pure oil perfectly removes pigment spots, especially in combination with a mild peeling.
Heals. The texture of the oil effectively restores damaged skin.
Castor oil can be added to your favorite care products, such as hair balm or hand cream. But it is worth remembering that the ratio of oil and product should be 1 to 10. If castorca remains on the skin after application, then it is better to wash it off. Perfect oil to accelerate the growth and density of eyelashes. To do this, using a brush castor need to be applied three times a week for ever. In the same way you can grow hairs and eyebrows.

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