• Eritrea

    The outlines of Eritrea on the map resemble a key, which is confirmed in practice. Due to its geographical position, the…

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  • Mali


    This country was lucky to have on its map the legendary city of Timbuktu and the Dogon country, who discovered…

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  • 506f6b67cdc67


    Exotic animals, fish and birds, the semi-feral tribes of pygmies and karamojongs, original communities of black Jews, colorful holidays, the…

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  • Salvador


    Salvador de Bahia is a “suspended” city between the 16th and 17th centuries. The spirit of African Brazil is felt in…

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  • 4dddf0729dc364dddf0729dc36


    Mozambique is a colorful country stretched along the coast of the Indian Ocean. It is divided into two parts: the south…

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  • 243243244324


    Yemen is the poorest and most impressive country in the Arab East. This is a residential museum: people sleep in…

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  • Namibia


    Namibia is a surrealistic landscape based on eternity. The ancient Namib Desert is a dry, fiery ocean crammed with the icy…

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  • Bahrain


    This is the smallest Arab state, which is located in the Persian Gulf and consists of 33 islands. All life turns…

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  • Ethiopia


    Welcome to the homeland of mankind! The history of civilization homo sapiens went from here and did not go far, but…

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  • Bolivia


    Here is the world’s largest salt desert, rainbow-colored waterfalls, Jesuit missions lost in the forests, mysterious religious rites and magical…

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