Chance for balding: hair follicles learned to grow on a 3D printer

Dermatologists from the United States have grown high-grade hair follicles using a 3D printer. In the future, this technology will allow whole pieces of skin with hair, and then transplant them on the head of balding patients, according to a press release from the Medical Center at Columbia University in Irvine.
Using a 3D printer, scientists printed out a biocompatible plastic with a three-dimensional structure, which creates a support and a microenvironment suitable for living cells. Tiny tubules with a diameter of only 0.5 millimeters stimulate the follicle to stretch, forming the correct spatial shape.
Initially, skin cells were grown on the resulting structure, after which cells of hair follicles were added to them. Then the experts treated them with a cocktail of signaling molecules and growth factors.
The authors of the methodology claim that the follicles are formed rather quickly, which allows you to grow whole “hair trusses” and transplant them on the head to patients immediately with the skin.
Currently, people suffering from alopecia are transplanted onto the head from other parts of the body.

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