Cold summer: what to wear when the sun is not warm will tell you how not to catch a cold in the warmest time of the year
Let July outside the window, nevertheless, the weather does not please fans of high temperatures. We have already managed to remove all warm things away in the closet, but it seems that we will have to warm ourselves again. If you do not plan to go sunbathing in the near future, we will tell you how not to catch a cold on cold summer days in a big city.
Trench coat
A great option in rainy and windy weather, when it is too hot in a sweater, and in a blouse there is a risk of finally freezing by the end of the day. A huge plus of such a raincoat – it can be worn with jeans and with summer shoes.
If you are the owner of curvy shapes, choose a double-breasted trench coat, so you will adjust the silhouette. But thin girls should look at the free cut with a belt to add the missing volume.

A great alternative to a wool cardigan when the outside temperature does not fall below 0. The jumper is a truly all-season thing, but for the summer it’s better to choose models with bright prints and geometric patterns. In addition, the jumper will make an excellent pair of light skirt.
If you are going for a walk or are going to spend long hours on the road, there is nothing better than a sports sweatshirt, which will be the best option in the cold summer period. The hood that accompanies any hoodie will save from the wind, and thick fabric will not let you freeze. Another option is a sweatshirt, which is the same hoodie, but without a hood, and looks more like a sweater.
You can easily go to the office in any of these models, if you allow the dress code.
Leather Jacket

Must-have not only a cold summer, but a warm spring and autumn. With the help of leather jackets, you can make almost any image impudent: you can put on a black original jacket on a white dress, thus adding a spark to the image. Pastel shades are very popular this season, so you can safely experiment.
A thick cardigan can be considered a worthy replacement for a raincoat. It goes well with light and tight-fitting things, such as a pencil skirt and sheath dress. The degree of importance of the event also does not matter – you can choose your cardigan for any event.

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