Date with a foreigner: what does a Russian woman need to know 

Since the iron curtain has collapsed, dreams of a relationship with a romantic foreigner have become absolutely normal for Russian girls. However, before going on a first date with an overseas prince, it is important to remember: having an affair with a person from another culture is always a risk and getting out of the comfort zone. After all, you were raised differently. So, you can have absolutely different views on the same things.
One of the main mistakes that many people make at the first meeting is ignoring the difference of mentalities. Often Russian girls start mentally trying on a veil and a wedding dress already on the first date. At the same time, it does not occur to them that a foreigner may not even dream of a formal marriage. Even if you are serious and really sincere in love. The fact is that, for example, in Europe completely different standards of relations. And “civil” marriage is considered to be a perfectly acceptable alternative to the civil registry office.
“Learn from my mistakes: the Italians then [after the start of a relationship] in most cases do not want to marry! There is no sense, do you understand? .. Yes, marriage is not a cure for all ills. But all the same, it’s better for us here than living together, ”warns Svetlana, the famous blogger @italia_svetlana. Svetlana had to wait seven years for an official marriage and long to live in Italy without painting, which, of course, was not easy for her.
But in Egypt, Russian girls are waiting for other dangers. Some Egyptians on the first date (and the second) do not consider it necessary to tell the truth about themselves. And they feed the Russian beloved with fairy tales about a rich family, castles in the air and carpets. For example, an Egyptian may report that out of pride he does not accept the money of his parents and therefore he works as a waiter temporarily and does not have the opportunity to give you flowers and gifts. You shouldn’t believe every word on your first date in Egypt and rush to pay for your beloved everywhere, says Maria, the leading blog about Egyptian life without cuts under the name @horizon_egypt. Maria herself is married to an Egyptian and saw first-hand how some Russian girls become victims of deceptive unscrupulous eastern men.
Finally, one more mistake – to go on the first date with a foreigner without an online translator (if you, of course, do not know the native language of the gentleman or, in extreme cases, English). It sounds pretty obvious, but it’s better not to hope at random and get ready for the meeting. Recall several useful phrases, repeat the necessary verbs and nouns. Of course, you are not going to the language exam, but good communication is one of the main conditions for a good date.
A date with a foreigner is a kind of exciting adventure. But it is important to always remember that you and your chosen one seem to be from different planets: most likely, at the first meeting you will not be able to fully understand your counterpart. However, this is not a reason to refuse the first date. In the end, a personal meeting is a chance to check whether you have points of contact with a carrier of another culture, whether you are ready to open up to the unknown and take risks.

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