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Day at the seaside. Test drive the updated Nissan X-Trail 

In the spring of Latvia with the weather may not be lucky, especially if the time on the voyage a little more than a day. However, it is not scary when you are in a cozy cabin of the car, in our case – the updated Nissan X-Trail. In addition, there are plenty of sights and memorable places in and around Riga.
Text: Kirill Savchenko Photos: by the author and Nissan Over the years, the Nissan X-Trail has sold over 275,000 units in the Russian market, and since the release of the restyled version in December 2018, 8,500 people have become owners of such vehicles. A lot, given the fact that the crossover is in the middle price segment. The scatter in the price is from 1 641 000 to 2 312 000 rubles depending on the type of engine and configuration.
Got on the test version in a rich configuration LE Yandex: petrol, 2.0-liter capacity of 144 hp with a variator, worth 2,148,000 rubles. Similar in foreign markets can not be found. Firstly, because X-Trail for Russia is pretty cool reworked on the undercarriage, powertrain, and secondly because it has a multimedia system with Yandex operating system that allows you to use all of the same Internet services. From navigation to music. By the way, successfully working in Latvia.
That day Riga is pierced by the needles of the streams of light rain, and the gusts of the icy wind all the more do not speak of the approaching summer. In this weather, she is uncrowded and unfriendly. But only at first glance. Life continues in homes, offices, numerous cafes and … museums.
For example, the motor-museum, where you should definitely go. Spacious, free parking, a short dash to the entrance and here it is, a car fairy tale … At first, I am a bit shocked … How did you find the means for such a chic exposition not in the richest European country?
More than a hundred exhibits shining with varnish and brass, ideally restored and cherished … Ten thematic expositions, from the first steps of the automotive industry with a snow-white Ford-T to the Silver Arches and Soviet-era sports cars. And also cult cars, “Kremlin collection”, and even experimental models of the RAF plant in Jelgava …
But all this is history, and today’s car lives by completely different standards, updated almost every year. Restyled X-Trail has received a new front end in a charismatic and weighty corporate style, modern “smart”, adaptive optics in front for top versions, as well as an updated, based on LED-technology for the back. In addition, the exterior of the crossover is distinguished by new rims with a diameter of 17 to 19 inches.
Perhaps soaked in the spirit of the classic automotive design, you look at all this as completely simple and ordinary things. But behind them lies the company’s desire to make any of Nissan as comfortable and safe as possible.
In Latvia, a huge number of surveillance cameras, because there is very little speed here. This is especially true of the settlements: 50 and no “permissible advantages.” Outside the city – 90-110, depending on the category of the track. A special surprise for those who want to “crush the sneaker” – Subaru police cars without coloring. You can’t be distinguished from civilians, but if they stop, you won’t get problems, and the wallet can go up to 1,400 Euros.
No, I don’t really want to “light up” on a weighty and spacious X-Trail, although the updated version allows you to do it quite comfortably. Engineers from the Russian technical center Nissan have found a way to get rid of the “rubber” sound of the variator with dynamic overclocking.
A torque converter unit was installed from the American version of the crossover, thanks to which a gearshift effect appeared and the hum was significantly reduced. In addition, engineers have proposed and installed a more efficient sound insulation of the engine compartment. It was in such silence that we reached Sigulda, a town 50 km from Riga.
In addition to the famous bobsleigh track, where you can ride on special wheel beans in the summer, the place is known for its castles. The largest one is Turaida, but it is a remake, although very beautiful. A little smaller – Old Castle Sigulda, built in 1207. Naturally, the original is only a small part, but this does not detract from the beauty of the place. Must have to visit!
Parking is crammed pretty tight, we drive in reverse. X-Trail has a very useful innovation, just for such cases. The system of detection of obstacles when driving in reverse (RCTA) monitors the space in the rear of 20 m to the right and left of the car. If an obstacle appears, a warning signal sounds and the light indication flashes in the rear-view mirrors.
Innovation is part of the Nissan Intelligent Mobility complex, which in addition includes adaptive headlights, an automatic stopping system in front of an obstacle (does not react to cyclists!), Opening the trunk with a flick of a leg under the rear bumper, as well as a tire pressure monitoring system. Most of these chips migrated to the crossover from the auto premium segment.
But the fact that Nissan seeks upward, can be seen in the cabin. A new D-shaped leather-covered steering wheel has appeared, soft leather inserts on the variator selector tunnel and the front panel, the lights for the power windows.
In the top version, you can order a panoramic roof with electric curtains. The above-mentioned Yandex-device has only two trim levels. In the rest, saturated – “native” Nissan Connect with a modified interface: navigation and everything else is easy and convenient to use.
Overnight is waiting for us in Jurmala. Despite the abundance of hotels in Riga – it’s better to stop at the seaside. Renting housing at the beginning of the season can be no problem. Yes, there is also wind and spray, but no longer rain, but waves torn by the wind. There are also endless sandy beaches, magnificent sunsets and the air filled with pine aroma.
True, to stand in some deserted place, to decompose in the Nissan X-Trail backs of the rear seats and spend the night is hardly out. Yet the X-Trail, with all its expanse, is as comfortable as possible for traveling: short and long-distance. And almost the entire coast is private territory. Nevertheless, several campgrounds in which you will be taken with a car and even a camper near the sea will still be found.
The road going to the west from Jurmala is narrow, along the lane in each direction, and it’s high time to change the surface. The dividing strip is old and worn; nevertheless, the automatics in the X-Trail reads it and, trying to cross, tries to obstruct the maneuver when the turn signal is off.
At some point I slow down near the monument on the left along the course of the movement. I never expected that I would ever find myself on the spot where Viktor Tsoi was killed … Oh, if then, in the distant 90th year, he didn’t have the 41st “Moskvich”, the “counter” could not happen … But everything Alas, none of us chooses our time or life. And the lines of Victor “Take care of yourself, be careful …” will be relevant at all times. All updates Nissan X-Trail can be classified as evolutionary. However, special revelations in restyling, as a rule, does not happen. Like all advanced brands Nissan is moving forward, and the current, initially successful model has become even a little more comfortable and safe.

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