Deadpool “sequel can turn into a TV series 

After the deal Disney and Fox, the fate of many superheroes was in limbo, including all the beloved mutants of the X-Men. And only “Deadpool” was lucky that the head of the studio said that in the case of a talkative mercenary, the story will continue, as it is very popular with the audience. The only thing that remains in doubt is the adult R. Racing. But they promised to deal with this not to the detriment of the public.
However, now there are rumors that the third part of “Deadpool” is not the most successful solution. According to sources of the publication We Got This Covered, the studio has just three ideas for further development of the fate of the character Ryan Reynolds .
One of them is its own TV series on the Disney + platform, to which many other heroes of the Marvel Universe now go.
Of course, seeing the whole series about the character that the audience is fond of seems like an attractive idea, but this may mean that Disney will be decided to abandon the adult rating.

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