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Described the death of people from dark matter

Scientists at Vanderbilt University in the  United States concluded that the absence of human death due to dark matter makes it possible to predict certain properties of this substance. About it reports the Science Alert.
As the researchers write, a hypothetical type of dark matter – macroscopic dark matter – is particles that can elastically collide with ordinary matter and disperse in space. These particles, called macros, have hypersonic speeds. When they enter the human body should be heated tissue (in the path of movement of the particle) to 10 million kelvins, resulting in an expanding plasma cylinder.
Since in Europe, the United States and Canada, there was not a single case of death, the cause of which could be macros, the number of these particles falling onto the Earth should be limited. It cannot be particles that are larger than a few micrometers and weighing less than 50 kilograms. However, the possible effects on the body of other types of hypothetical particles have yet to be studied.

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