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Die in pursuit of selfies. The airport of Skiathos in Greece has become a Mecca for photographers 

The peculiarly located airport runway on the Greek island of Skiathos attracts many users of social networks. Here you can take a selfie on the background of extremely low flying aircraft. True, this carries a certain risk.
Eager for a spectacular selfie tourists literally swept away by the flow of air from the landing aircraft. But in social networks are multiplying photos and videos of dangerous entertainment.
According to The Sun, about a hundred people come to the runway every day to take spectacular photos. For example, when the Embraer E190 flew over people with cameras, many of them were forced to crouch to avoid injury.
“Every day you can observe low landings and jet strikes, and last week we shot an incredibly low landing of British Airways Embraer E190. People who watched the planes were pushed back from the wall by the turbulent wake of Embraer, ”one eyewitness quoted the publication.
Skiathos Airport is not the only such place on the planet. In Cyprus and Thailand there are the same air harbors that are popular with tourists because of the opportunity to take a selfie on the background of the landing plane.

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