Disclosed the danger of cigarettes for all mankind

Scientists at Ruskin University in England found that discarded cigarette butts do significant harm to the environment. It has been shown that smoked cigarettes thrown into grass or soil significantly impair plant growth. About it reports the Science Alert.
Researchers took samples of plants in the city of Cambridge, including at sites where more than a hundred cigarette butts were found on one square meter. According to the study, cigarette butts reduce the likelihood of germination of herbaceous plants by 10 percent, and clovers – by 27 percent. The length of the shoots of plants that still sprouted, reduced by 13 and 28 percent.
According to scientists, about 4.5 trillion cigarette butts are thrown away annually. This estimate is approximate and based on production data of 5.6 trillion cigarettes, most of which are not properly disposed of. The most dangerous contaminating element is a filter containing cellulose acetate. This substance is used to make plastics that decompose for at least 10 years.
Experts believe that filters due to their negative impact on the environment should be banned, because they do not reduce the harm from smoking and are used only as a marketing ploy.

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