Do you need a lover: all the pros and cons 

WomanHit.ru figured out what women have romance with unfamiliar beauties
Not always the legal spouse meets your expectations, especially after a dozen years spent together. It is not surprising that women look at younger and outwardly attractive colleagues or unfamiliar men, and if a man begins to show interest, the risk of betrayal increases several times. Why do we need a lover to a modern woman?
For sex
As we have said, after long years of marriage, the relationship with her husband becomes more friendly, maintaining passion and novelty is harder, hence all sorts of crises and escapes “to the left”. However, if for all the other parameters the husband is completely satisfied, the woman does not see the point of parting – because, as a rule, there is no problem in finding sex.
Usually, men seldom give up on the burdensome connection, and the atmosphere is conducive to experiments in bed.
A temporary man rarely thinks about your pleasure, simply because he does not have deep feelings for you, his goal is to get satisfaction with a pleasant woman, however, the girl who decided to take this step has the same goal.
Even in strong and long-term relationships there is not always a place for understanding. Often the spouses do not coincide in the interests, and sometimes they are so far away that the general themes are chosen with difficulty.
In such cases, women often attend events of interest, where it is likely to meet your soul mate.
In this kind of relationship, sex is not the primary desire — far more important is the emotional contact that a woman is deprived of in a relationship with her husband.
You may fall in love, followed by an ugly divorce. Let your intellectual can support the conversation, but what if he does not cope with the role of her husband?
Virtual novel
At first glance, an online romance does not harm, and many women do not consider this a betrayal. On the one hand, sms, messages in social networks and photos in instant messengers will hardly break the family, since in the absence of frank content it is difficult to convict the spouse of treason.
You do not meet in person, just flirt online, at any moment you can break this connection. If you want, you can delete your account and the annoying cavalier will never find you.
Follow from pluses – you do not meet alive. And best of all, if it continues. Only in rare cases, a man fully justifies the image that you imagined all this time. In the same way, you may not coincide with the ideal image born in his head.

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