Doctors spoke about the state of the victims in an accident with a bus in Bashkiria

The condition of the majority of bus passengers who overturned in Bashkortostan on Sunday is estimated to be of moderate severity, a representative of the Ministry of Health of Tatarstan told RIA Novosti .
On Sunday, a bus with 39 passengers overturned in the Arkhangelsk region of Bashkiria. According to the Emergency Situations Ministry of the region, six people died, 15 were hospitalized. The press service of the President of Tatarstan reported that a bus crashed was carrying Tatarstan tourists who were returning home to Naberezhnye Chelny.
“A total of 15 people were hospitalized. Seven people went to the 21st city hospital in Ufa, one of them is in serious condition, six people are in a state of moderate severity. Another seven people in a state of moderate severity are in the 22nd city hospital in Ufa ( ambulance). A child born in 2006 was hospitalized at the Bashkir Republican Children’s Clinical Hospital in a state of moderate severity, ”said a representative of the Ministry of Health.
According to his information, three more people, including a child born in 2008, reached the 22nd hospital of Ufa on their own by car and, after being examined in a satisfactory condition, were released to outpatient monitoring.
The remaining 16 people who did not need medical assistance were accommodated in a hostel in the village of Arkhangelskoye.

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