Experts told how to avoid the explosion of a smartphone 

According to the Center for Digital Examination of Roskoschestvo, as a rule, the explosion and ignition of batteries in gadgets occur due to factory defects, overheating, or aging of the device itself. According to experts, from the last two reasons, you can protect yourself if you follow the basic precautions.
Most modern gadgets use lithium-ion batteries, which have a number of advantages, but have an unpleasant feature – because of a sharp temperature difference, such a battery begins to produce gas, which leads to a puffy shell.
Any sharp blow can also cause intense heat, which may be followed by an explosion.
According to the director of the National Association of Manufacturers of Current Sources RUSBAT, the Chairman of the Technical Committee of Rosstandart TK044 “Batteries and Batteries” Sergey Orlov , one of the most important recommendations for the correct operation of the battery is to refuse actions that are not recommended by the manufacturer. This applies, for example, to self-disassembling a battery or throwing a battery into a fire to “see what will happen.”
The expert explained that in the near future a new generation of lithium batteries will appear on the market, which will be better protected from temperature extremes, which means they will become safer for the user, but before that it will take about five years. However, current batteries are exploding now, and most of all children are suffering from them, who remain crippled. In some cases, the explosion of a smartphone or tablet is even fatal.
Roskokachestvo recommends that you follow a number of rules that will help minimize the risks associated with the use of gadgets with lithium-ion batteries. First of all, you should not buy “Chinese” universal chargers, which can significantly affect the battery life – experts advise to use only factory “charges.”
You also need to monitor the temperature of your gadget, not leaving it to lie in the sun for a long time.
In addition, lovers of sleeping in bed with a smartphone, it is forbidden to put it under the pillow.
During charging, you should not play games that consume a large amount of energy, as this increases the load on the smartphone’s battery, which also leads to its wear.
If you have to be active, for example, fitness or sports, you need to make sure that the smartphone does not fall out of pocket, as a fall can greatly harm the battery. In addition, it is not recommended to wear the gadget in the back pocket of pants or jeans, since it is likely that you will sit on it, which can also lead to mechanical damage.
It is strictly forbidden to use a gadget whose battery is already swollen – a swollen back cover of the device may be evidence of this.
In case the smartphone still caught fire, you must be calm and secure yourself. First of all, you need to try to de-energize the room in which you are located, or at least disconnect the gadget’s charger from the network, without touching it.
After that, you need to block access to the phone, for example, throw it into the water or cover it with something that does not burn well.
If the threat of an explosion is imminent, it is necessary to throw the device where the possible explosion will cause minimum damage.
This week it became known about the incident, which almost became fatal – in the UK, the Samsung brand tablet overheated during recharging and burned a hole in the child’s bed. An 11-year-old boy sneaked into his parents’ room and took their tablet to watch some video in bed. After that, he put it on charge, and when I woke up, the whole room was covered with acrid smoke.
Awakened parents discovered the source of the problem – the tablet warmed up to a critical temperature during charging and was about to ignite. Under the gadget, next to the pillow, a black stain appeared on the child’s bed, which burned through the device.
Last week a similar incident occurred in the city of Kurgan, which ended in the death of a child. A 7-year-old boy found on the street a kind of device that looked like a mobile phone, after which he brought it home and put it on recharging. Unknown gadget detonated, inflicting a child “burn, incompatible with life.”

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