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FBI declassified reports of snowman 

The snowman has long become an urban legend as an anomalous creature. Some believe in his existence and even suggest that he is an alien creature. Others are confident that it never existed. Evidence that such a creature exists in our world is still not found.
American intelligence agencies for the first time declassified data on the case of finding a snowman. He was the head of the center Peter Bern in 1976. He sent 15 samples for analysis. Among them were hair and fabrics found in the place where it was supposed to have seen the snowman.
Even then, experts conducted investigations and found out that the samples sent by Bern had nothing to do with the Yeti.
“As a result of these analyzes, it was concluded that the origin of hair belongs to the reindeer family,” said the assistant director of the FBI scientific and technical services department , Jay Cochran.
Now Peter Bern is 93 years old and he does not leave the thought of proving that a snowman actually existed. He has been doing this since 1946, and has already been to India and Nepal.

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