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Fishermen caught a record huge catfish with a bow

Young people from South Dakota caught the biggest catfish in the entire history of bowling and set a world record. About this reports portal Fox News.
19-year-old Cody Sechser and 18-year-old Isaac Kipp caught carps during the spawning season in a tributary of the Great Sioux River.
While bowling – fishing with a bow – their friend Riley Scotting noticed a huge fish in shallow water. Initially they thought that there was a big stone in front of them, but later the young people saw the catfish’s whiskers.
Sekhster wounded a fish, but his arrow broke, and then Kipp also shot, hitting close to the fish’s head, as a result of which she instantly died. When she was caught, it turned out that her weight is more than ten kilograms, and the length of the body – about a meter.
They decided to record the record for both young people, as they hit the fish together. Young people noted that it was more luck than experience. They were just lucky – they accidentally ran into a big catfish and were very happy about it.
Subsequently, Sekhster fried caught fish and reported that the record catfish’s stomach was completely empty.

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