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Found a giant ancient metropolis

Israeli archaeologists have concluded that the prehistoric settlement, discovered five kilometers west of  Jerusalem , is one of the largest ancient cities of the Stone Age. The age of the metropolis is 10.5 thousand years. Reported by Reuters.
According to the researchers, 2-3 thousand people lived in the settlement. Before the discovery, it was believed that this area was uninhabited at a time when the ancients moved from hunting and gathering to a more settled way of life and agriculture. However, during the excavations, scientists found large buildings, streets and cemeteries, which indicates an advanced level of urban planning.
Also were found storage, which contained the seeds of legumes, in particular lentils and chickpeas. This indicates a relatively high level of development of agriculture. In addition, the bones of animals show that residents specialized in breeding sheep, and hunting faded into the background. Among other artifacts, researchers have unearthed thousands of arrowheads, axes for cutting trees, sickle blades and knives.

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