Found the most ancient drawing Denisovets 

Paleontologists have discovered the most ancient work of art captured by a Denis man on a piece of bone.
Experts suggest that the age of two fragments of pickled bone found in northern China is 100,000 years old. An engraving on a bone can turn out to be an example of fine art created by a Denis man. The drawing was too complex to be the result of accidental mechanical damage. Paleo-anthropologists from the University of Bordeaux (France) found that the characters were carefully carved with something sharp. Engraving was also covered with reddish ocher to make the carved lines brighter and more noticeable. This pigment is often found in prehistoric ornaments from Europe and Africa.
The bones were found during the excavations of the alleged hominin site or, as expected, Denisovtsy. Like the Neanderthals of Europe and Western Asia, the Denisovans split off from the hominin line, which evolved into modern man. If the drawings on the bone were really made by Denisovites, this will prove that the ancient homininas, like Neanderthals, were capable of art and abstract thinking. Researchers hope to discover more of these findings, since China and other regions of Eurasia have so far not been studied well enough.

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