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Found two headed turtle

Conservationists have discovered a newly hatched two-headed turtle on the island of Maboul Malay archipelago. This is reported by Coconuts.
Scientists say that they have never met such an individual among the 13,000 turtles born at the science center. Marine biologist David McCann said that each head breathes and responds to the environment separately.
“It’s amazing. It seems that the right head controls the front right flipper and the left head controls the front left flipper. At the same time, they are able to coordinate movements harmoniously in order to move and swim, ”he says.
In science, such creatures are called diecephals – this is an extremely rare and atypical for nature form of intergrowth of twins, in which they develop one body and two heads.
It is assumed that such a turtle would not have survived in the wild. In addition to two heads, it has an underdeveloped plastron (abdominal shield of the turtle shell). Also, biologists have noticed that one head can not breathe freely at depth. Now the vets keep the baby only in shallow water. Since the turtles are a protected species, the cub will continue to live in the center on Mabule.
In May, a two-headed calf was born in Australia. He was born already dead. The animal also had two hearts and a stomach.

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