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German tourist survived without food in the Siberian taiga 

A tourist from Germany had to live for three days in the Siberian taiga after the accident, which happened when the group rafted down the river.
So, the German traveler’s canoe turned over on the Chare River, hitting the backflow. A woman lost a boat, documents, and a bag of food; only a damp lighter was saved.
However, the tourist was not taken aback and dug a dugout under the roots of a fallen tree to hide from the rain. She drank water from a river, but according to her, she absolutely did not want to.
The woman continued to move, so as not to freeze and laid out a large inscription SOS from the stones. She managed to light a fire only on the third day.
Locals found a woman who helped her get to the village. Now she is waiting for the restoration of documents to return home.

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