Girl 2 years does not use shampoo 

24-year-old Iris Heikkinen has been practicing the “No poo” method of washing for 2 years and says that it was thanks to him that her hair became thick and shiny as never before.
A student from Finland shared with the British online portal Daily Mail that she refused to use shampoo and conditioner, because it was they who caused persistent many years of itchy scalp.
“I used to wash my hair every few days,” she explains, “and found that it is almost always too clean. As a result, my scalp became dry and itchy. ”
This made Iris start looking for alternative hair cleansing methods – without shampoo and conditioner. In September 2017, she came across several groups in the social networking site Facebook, in which people exchanged tips on this topic. Many of them recommended the “No Poo” method popular among wellness bloggers. Its essence lies in the abandonment of traditional cosmetics, because they have too many chemicals that do not have the best effect on the hair and scalp, and use apple vinegar, baking soda or plain water instead.
The girl liked this method so much that she happily threw out her shampoo and conditioner. At first, Iris, following the recommendations of more experienced comrades, used baking soda to wash the hair to absorb sebum and vinegar as a conditioner, but the scalp, although smaller, continued to itch. Then the girl decided to completely abandon these products and manage only with water.
“The hair looked greasy for several weeks,” she admitted. “But at about the same time I was in the hospital, I had to undergo an operation, because in any case I had no time to think about how clean they were. And by the time I got better, my hair began to look normal. Now, when people meet me, they do not even realize that I do not use shampoo. When I tell them about it, they are always surprised. ”
Now, Iris washes her hair exclusively with water whenever she takes a shower, and very rarely uses some coconut oil or neem leaf powder (a herb used in Indian medicine) for additional conditioning.
For 2 years that have passed since the abandonment of shampoo and conditioner, the girl noticed that her hair became much thicker and wavy, and their color changed slightly, becoming lighter.
The girl admits that her case is not indicative, since every person has their own rhythm and lifestyle, and those who actively train in the gym, water alone may not be enough to wash their hair, but she notes that her life has become much easier , as you no longer have to worry about taking heavy bottles of shampoos and conditioners with you on trips.

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