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Goose-Belarusians were forbidden to marry 

In the Belarusian city of Minsk, two geese were forbidden to play a wedding. Reports the information portal
A resident of the city named Andrew wanted to marry his two geese – the male Harvister, who lives with him in the apartment, and the female Krishna from the cottage. According to him, the gander often comes to visit Krishna, and “they feel very good together.” Subscribers in social networks advised him to hold a bird wedding.
Andrei wrote a statement to the Minsk City Executive Committee with a request to conduct a field registration of the couple in Loshitsky Park. However, the Minsk authorities refused him, citing the fact that the ceremony required a statement from the bride and groom themselves, who should be citizens of the country. In addition, officials indicated that geese cannot marry, according to the Belorussian family code, which states that marriage is a voluntary union of a man and a woman.
The owner of the geese did not give up his idea and is going to hold a celebration in one of the clubs of the city on July 28.
In July 2017, the mayor of the Italian city of Pontirolo-Nuovo forbade the use of dogs to hold wedding rings during the wedding ceremony. He stated that animals could be present in the building only on leashes and in muzzles.

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