Hidden treasures that are still searching in Russia

If you think that the treasures were buried only by pirates somewhere on the Pacific coast, then you are deeply mistaken. Extremely many treasures are also hidden in Russia, and almost any person can become their happy owner.
Sigismund III Treasures
During the period of troubles, the Polish invaders cleared Moscow far and wide – they collected not only jewels and other valuable things, but even stripped gold from the icons. The Poles wanted to send everything found to their king Sigismund III through the Kaluga Gate, but fortunately the treasure hunters of wealth did not reach the king. Most adventurers agree that the treasure is buried in the area of ​​modern Mozhaisk.
Napoleon’s golden carts
Realizing that the war with the Russians was lost, Napoleon did not want to leave empty-handed. That is why he took with him as much as jewelry, gold and silver coins, household items made of precious metals and ancient weapons. At some point, Napoleon realized that he would not be able to bring all this to France, but in order that the loot did not go to the Russians, he ordered it to be drowned and buried. Some lucky ones have already managed to find several treasures in the Smolensk region, but the main jackpot is still stored in the bowels of the earth.
Treasures of Lenka Panteleev
During his short life (Panteleev died at the age of 21), the young man managed to take part in the storming of the Winter Palace, to be a security officer, leave the Cheka and intimidate hundreds of residents of St. Petersburg. In the last years of his life, Panteleev stole a fortune estimated at 100 thousand dollars. It was hidden in the catacombs of the northern capital, but the diggers have so far managed to find there only a collection of weapons and tools of Lyonka.

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