How 55 to look great, but nothing to do 

Columnist revealed all the beauty secrets that will help preserve youth.
I came here under the arm of my son’s curious girlfriends, and I had to think about how I still kept my youth.
We rested in a country house with a big company, and the girls attacked me with questions: how do you look so good at your age, be energetic, light and practically young. I understand their perplexity. Their mothers are my age mates, some have already lost their form and valiant enthusiasm. And of course, for 25-year-old girls, the age of 50+ is Pithecanthropus, who are still moving and sounding in a strange way. The fact that more than 50 years is still young, only a 50-year-old lady and those who are older know. For young people, we grannies-shkryabulki.
To be honest, I was pleased with the compliments of young people, but at the same time I understood that from the height of my age I had to answer their questions with something instructive. Girls to tell how to carefully monitor their health, how to play sports, to monitor their appearance. Mentor tone to the boys to explain that nothing in life comes easy, and you need all the time, overcoming difficulties, with blood and then something to achieve.
No mentor, enriching youth experience, from me did not work. I actually look good, but for this I do not do anything. My secret to a good mood is never to force myself in anything.
I have several higher education and a couple of good growth on the career ladder, but I have never strained to achieve all this. I didn’t tear myself into patches so that at the age of 19 after the first technical education I would get the position of a manager with 50 employees in my subordinates. I did not cross the road to anyone in order to sit on the place of the boss, who was waited by more experienced employees. I easily entered the institutes and, without searching, I got the job I dreamed about. At one of the services I was offered a favorable loan to buy an apartment. I didn’t even ask for it, but in the end I earned my own housing, which I never dreamed of. As Makarevich sings: “She goes through life, laughing. It is as easy as the wind … A proven way is to solve questions as if they were not there. ”
My pleasant tanned complexion from the fact that I am not going to torment myself with photo-aging issues and to give up the scorching sun in exotic countries. I like the sea “harmful, skin-destroying” sun; desert wind that dries hair; mountain stones that destroy the softness and smoothness of the heels. By the way, after I was quickly and inexpensively trimmed in India, I realized that I could do it myself just as easily and not waste time on masters in salons and hairdressers. Half a year ago, I handed the scissors to my spouse and showed me where to cut off the excess. In five minutes we coped with the hairdo. Usually it took me an hour and a half in the master’s chair and 1,400 rubles. Make up without a professional, I will not dare. But this is a pleasant experience – let them paint.
I have deprived myself of another female stress – I do not go to cosmetologists. Firstly, I am afraid of injections, and secondly, I do not understand why I need them. I focus on “me” out of tolerance towards those who use shots, suspenders and what else happens there… So, girls need it. For myself, I do not see the point. Look at 50 to 25 I can not, and I do not need it. I accept my age with pleasure and not at all afraid of wrinkles – they are cool, they are from lively facial expressions and full-fledged emotions. Of course, I do not philosophize every day over wrinkles to justify their presence. They just do not bother me to experience life colors in all bright colors. How is Makarevich: “She goes through life, laughing. Meeting and saying goodbye, not being upset that goodbyes are easy, but meetings at once. ”
I hate the gym, so a few experiments at the machine was enough for me. I do not want to force myself with loads in which I see only useless waste of time. How do I keep myself in good physical shape? I do not hold myself! My movements are not on an empty treadmill, but in a country house with flowers, in the forest for mushrooms, kilometer trips on trips, water procedures in the oceans. When I started to get fat, I took extra physical work without thinking and in pleasure. So I’m on my two favorite jobs – sit and walk.
So it turns out that I cannot make my speech instructive for the younger generation, because I simply live: easily and without straining. And let it be the secret of my youth.
By the way, Makarevich and I like the last lines of this song: “She goes through life, laughing. Away she is at home, where everything is familiar. Good luck with her, life is good. And without exception, everyone watches her go with admiration. And they do not notice how she cries at night that goes through life, laughing. ”
PS From the practical advice of a fifty-year-old woman I can give only those that I use myself all my life. If you have recovered by 2 kg, do not wait for five more, get rid of the load easily and immediately. To keep your posture for many years, do not hump even in the most difficult moments of fatigue, it will be easier to hold your back over the years. Shave every day. Marigolds should always be neat. Put your hair down every morning. Watch your teeth, a beautiful smile – 50 percent of your beauty.

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