How copperware harms human health

Copperware was considered and considered an element of luxury and a sign of high quality of life. The Scripture says that sacred waters for sacraments and rites are presented in copper vessels, and in this case it becomes like подоб, amrita, the nectar of immortality.
Modern research has also found scientific evidence of such a high assessment of the properties and abilities of copper cookware. In particular, the perennial studies of the Federal Environmental Protection Agency of the United States, the results of which were published in 2008, proved the bactericidal status of copper and a number of its alloys, in which the content of this metal was quite high. Copper surfaces have the most pronounced bactericidal properties in relation to methicillin-resistant strain of Staphylococcus aureus, known to medicine as MRSA supermicrobe, as well as Escherichia coli and Salmonella.
In 2009, the research results were supplemented with the findings that copper and its alloys effectively inactivate the dangerous A / H1N1 virus, the causative agent of “swine flu”. But such activity of copper and, accordingly, dishes from copper and its alloys, has not only a positive, but also a negative side.
Thus, the active oxidizing ability leads to the fact that the surface of copper dishes destroys a number of beneficial vitamins, in particular, C. And also oxidizes PUFAs (especially when storing products in copper dishes). The lack of PUFA, in turn, leads to severe systemic, immune diseases and is one of the proven causes of oncological diseases. Wet copper cookware is especially dangerous. The formation of greenish patina (patina) and the subsequent heating of such patinated dishes leads to the fact that harmful substances pass into the human body, having a destructive effect on organs and tissues there, leading to pathologies.
Thus, cirrhosis of the liver, which for a long time was associated with the destructive effect of alcohol on the liver, was also provoked by copper and its compounds. Studies conducted by Chinese scientists under the leadership of Chen Yunshi, the results of which were published in 1990, proved that the cause of cirrhosis was the high content of copper in the body of people with alcoholism. The fact is that with the abuse of alcohol, the body begins to actively absorb copper. And the presence of copper and copper alloys in the house significantly accelerate the process of destruction of the liver. Scientists also noted that with a decrease in the proportion of copper cookware in the household’s common use, the number of patients diagnosed with liver cirrhosis decreased significantly.
Yu. Skorokhodov, the author of the article “Fire, Water and Copper Pipes …” writes: “It should be noted that this metal itself is not some kind of fiend of hell. Moreover, in moderate doses, it is vital for the body. And for a healthy adult, even an increased intake of copper in the body usually does not have negative consequences, since its digestibility is limited. The problem for chronic alcoholics is that the peculiarities of the physiology of their body change very significantly – it begins to absorb copper intensively. If the intake of copper in the body is within the normal range, then there is no particular trouble.
But when “heavily consumed” goes to substandard beverages of “underground” production, the channels of copper intake in the body expand. ” Also, in the framework of the evidence base, the results of research by Professor Garviht (Switzerland), made by him in 1911, were presented. Explaining the mass destruction of alcoholic liver cirrhosis and the fact that it was cirrhosis that became the main cause of death in this group of subjects, he wrote: pipes. By the mid-20th century, in developed countries, factories producing alcoholic beverages, cooling pipes, previously made of copper and brass, were replaced by new ones, made of stainless steel.
In a study for  WHO of German scientists and pediatricians on the causes of high mortality of Indian babies, they also found a “copper trace”. Thus, data published in 1986 by the World Health Organization indicate that children who are bottle-fed suffered from cirrhosis of the liver. Studies have shown that parents prepared a mixture for them in a traditional copper pot for India. With the rejection of her morbidity and mortality of babies from cirrhosis began to decline rapidly.
Even the scientists of antiquity noted that with all the healing properties of copper, it is the strongest poison and recommended to treat this metal with caution, avoiding the symptoms of “copper fever”. Obviously, even today, their warnings and advice, as well as the data and conclusions of modern research, are relevant and should be taken into account by connoisseurs of copper cookware.

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