How dentists cheat us: what you need to know, not to be left without money

Just going to the dentist usually causes people stress. And when we see the amount in the check is much more than expected, the desire to treat the teeth and completely sells completely. However, unforeseen expenses can be avoided if you know how dentists cheat us.

Nonexistent diseases

Doctors often convince patients that they need treatment for multiple caries and periodontitis. “Caries” is called the pigment spot on the enamel, which does not need to be treated at all. And for periodontitis, which requires expensive treatment, they give out tartar, which can be removed with a single session of ultrasonic cleaning.

Unnecessary procedures

Sometimes dentists try to impose on us useless procedures and expensive materials that are not necessary. In order not to fall for it, call into question all the words of the doctor, ask clarifying questions, and better understand yourself at least in the basics of dentistry. At a minimum, in order to understand, for the treatment of pulpitis, it is not necessary to do 3D tomography, and putting braces after bleaching is a waste of money.

Registry and forgery

The most impudent doctors sometimes sometimes write procedures that they did not do and materials that they did not use. For example, there is a case when a dentist took money from a patient to clean six channels of a tooth, although there are no more than four of them.

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