How much do popular models earn 

At the end of each year, Forbes makes a list of the most highly paid models. In 2018 ten girls got to it, who concluded contracts with famous brands, and also developed their business.
Many believe that the work model is very simple, but it is not. Perhaps it becomes easier when girls are already famous, and agencies, brands and magazines themselves offer them cooperation for high fees. However, to achieve this is extremely difficult.
Firstly, in the model world there is a very fierce competition: during shows, other girls can annoy, for example, pour broken glass into shoes or cosmetics. Thus, already at the stage of viewing, many give up. Secondly, in modern modeling there are a lot of girls of the same type, therefore, in order to be noticeable, you need not just to be thin and beautiful, you need to attract attention, to have your “trick”.
These girls were able to achieve a lot, but there are still rumors about how independent their path was. One was helped by parents, the other by influential patrons and famous husbands.

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